Wednesday, December 30, 2015

ABSTRACT no.(180)

Choosing lens: Finding out or using a perfecting camera can be daunting for many photographers...In case of ABSTRACT, it can be more so.

ABSTRACT photography does not limit itself to the different cameras or tools.........however it certainly favours 50mm prime lens....The lens can be available as an extra accessory, which is more beneficial in abstract photography. It is compact, lightweight and easy to carry. in ur camera bag.....They are low cost and extremely sharp e.g. at f1.8, it is considered one of the sharpest and fastest prime lens.........It is finest in rendering bokeh, yea 'bokey master'.....Bokeh is an aesthetic blur that can be used and create abstract effects.

The 50mm gives great control over DOF.....IT ALLOWS U  to photograph objects closer to u with great sharpness. Besides u can use the manual focus while shooting at aperture priority and keep a shallow DOF fixing attention on the continue

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