Saturday, March 19, 2016

Still Life....a bit gorgeous....(post no.196)

Who does not like colors.......I have seen good photographs on still life.....and tried some. THIS TIME when we were in a hotel for dinner, these four things caught mt attention. a BIT OF EFFORT SETTING THEM BROUGHT ME THIS WONDERFUL RESULT....The lettuce is a focal of attention.

There are no hard and fast rules, but while composition of a photograph we have few things in mind...first the beauty,....I mean it will not distract ur attention and compel u to move from the frame.

Behind these, we think of arrangement, colors (in b&w) it is straight, not moving much of ur attention being in monotone. ...Color a bit difficult while thinking centre of attention, long exposure, short exposure, If a live subject, expression......However still life photographs are made of inanimated object, as above....perspective means from front to back it is well adjusted, as a railway is good example of perspective study and comparing other subject photographs, keeping that perspective.....though there is a good definition of perspective....Take from eyes to ears and back if hairs are long. throw light from either side with a distance...u will see the shadow go smaller at the other end....that is perspective continue

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