Monday, May 23, 2016

On PORTRAITS....a piece of discussion.(post no.200)

It will be a great learning for upcoming photographers from any branch, as the subject is very common....People do not do mastery in it but never miss to portray their own relatives etc.

The lighting was wonderful, as in summer, we do not  expect this sort of higher lighting, that too for making portraits while the model is perspiring. Opportunity came to my hand and I utilized it with the discomfort of the daughter, as she was to leave for boarding train withing few minutes........

The teaching is clear....YOU have subject and lighting in all cases of photography, may be in five seasons of the year. This type of most relaxing lighting u will find in India from Septembet to March....that is why we hv more travellers during that period.....Any camera will do,as the market is studded with pricewise varieties, compact to prosumer (looking like SLR, BUT HAS FIXED LENS, costwise also, it is in the middle, but reliable).Besides for more of the enthusiasts, and professionals,  essentially a DSLR is the only option.
Read the MANUAL comes with the CAMERA and after experimenting few days, u are half PRO.

This is a PROFILE pic. i.e. side of the human have to do some homework on lighting, essentially in winter...I am sure u will be 100% sussessful.

Exposure with kit lens of Nikon D3000..................SS 1/500, aperture f5.6, ISO 400........As the light was brilliant I shd have lower the ISO setting for picture quality in large enlargements....Exposure on Aperture priority...........any query?

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