Monday, December 19, 2016

Some basics again to refresh ur memory.(post no.206)o.

Today's attraction are Digital cameras, having a memory card capable of thousands of photographs in just rupees two hundred.....THE first card of least capacity of 500MB, in the initial stages of d-photography, I had to pay Rs.1600/-.. Now photographers keep with them 4GB to 64GB with least prices.

1. When u get a camera of ur choice, there are three key points u need to know and understand to come to try with the art of photography.
1.1...APERTURE:.......It is the opening in the lens that allows light to fall on the sensor, built into the camera receiving images thru aperture. If u move further u will come to understand that the larger the aperture (in simple terms - a hole) the more the light that falls on the sensor. and vice-versa.....Sensor has taken place of films. In the initial stages in 80s,90s, scientists thought of amalgating the film and sensor, both in a camera, but failed, then moved to sensor during the change of revolution in technology.
                                   A lens aperture is represented by f/numbers. As mentioned above in vice-versa, the larger the f no. the smaller the lens opening and the larger the opening, the smaller will be f no. e.g. f1,2, f1,4, f3,5, f5.6 etc....the light will reach the sensor as the lens aperture opens or closes...........................................continue......comments if any.

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