Sunday, October 8, 2017

Another chapter in child photography....(post no.223)

It is worth enjoying when we look at the child's face....FOR what she wants excuse?.Any excuse? She must have been scolded by her mom.
----Shooting children is interesting, as if u are standing of the beautiful flowers....There are several of expressions......That needs a good camera set-up, not necessary a costly one.....For amateurs, I will recommend compact cameras....or more interested ones go for DSLR.
----WHILE photographing children or any subject, remember, the camera NEVER LIES. The truth is in the chip u have in camera....or directly into the smartphones, a wonderful media, I think everybody is enjoying that. Even cheaper cameras give option of a camera. I have both in my pocket.
-----When u want to take a picture of a child, u would not want to disturb children from any activity they are engrossed in. A small compact camera will let u unintrusive. CAMPHOE too can help here. Just check that the lighting is good, like a tubelight at least.. a good compact camera can be a good toy too for small children, the saliva coming out of their mouth and they have innocent look,,,,,,just capture it with camphone.
To keep them engage to be photographed is to use bubble-blower or small mirrors to play, and shoot two faces like selfies....As the child grows, he/she may start giving good poses to u. Just enjoy that and send thenm to any newspaper or a magazine for publication.....................YOU can go out of your house and thus u will get lot of attention of different children........Just enjoy them, make them less camera conscious and take good pictures. Today the best toy is 'mobile phone'.....hello click.

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