Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kittu near sand den.....a good play to photograph-read.

 REAL INTEREST IS  vital for success. Are you really INTERESTED about photography? No, I don’t mean have you taken some pictures on your cell phone, posted to Instagram and found it exciting. What I mean is, do you find it addictive? Are you continuously looking for opportunities to shoot, experiment, and tweak to make that perfect picture? Do you desire to intimately know your camera, understand lighting, aperture, lenses, posing techniques, and so forth? 

Does your heart beat for good photographs and taking interest in the above, you are on the path of capturing good photographs.....As for example, I shot the 'kittu' 's photo making sand houses....very interesting game for children or even for adults.....It does not require much thinking.....jump on the sand and come on yourself or friend to shoot photos from any camera----I think, cellphone is in your hand: do not miss, shoot through with different angles and u will have some good them to friends,.whatapp them and put in your album/library.....I better have one or two printed on paper to stick to my good luck......................more in next posts.

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