Monday, December 26, 2011

Charm of rainy season...?

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  1. Everybody will be amused to view this photo....the nature's benevolence, the rains followed by children going out to be wet or have fun of the season....Yes my dear friends, you too have gone through this phase of paper boats and rainy water....WHEN MY BOAT swimmed, it gave me an heart-throbbing feeling...that joy had no bounds...

    Photographically, this is low light photography, when the weather is dull with presence of roaring clouds...U better increase the ISO to have shake-free shutter speed of 1/60 at the least...but it may be necessary to show a little blur showing movement in hands, is clear in this picture and many may disagree, but as I feel, sometimes content and time are important, so the blur is tolerable having a good contrast in the boat and the umbrella. Yes, here the face is not visible and the hand and the boat have important combination, therefore the viewer will feel the enjoyment the play can offer....Therefore, do not delete the pictures which sometimes do not come to expectations.