Monday, August 13, 2012

Zoom Lens,combination of Wide and Tele---(Post no.91).

In plain language, zoom lenses are a combination of Wide angle and Telephoto lens. You are more acquainted with zooms nowadays, rather than fixed focal length Wides, Normal or Teles, which are costly and used by highly enthusiasts/pros  to get the best in wildlife and other types of photography....Zooms have moving lens barrels for zooming in and out and fouusing ring and have more elements. Thus some quality suffers in comparison with independent/fixed focal length wides and teles, having single lens barrel with focusing grip only and have wide apertures for low light photography. They light in weight., making them costlier. However branded zooms are a good buy, though independent lens mfg companies are also producing better zooms..

2) The zoom lens has variable focal lengths; which makes it possible to have quick change in distance, without moving the camera or yourself, moving back and forward. The zoom lenses are coming in different focal lengths e.g. 10-22mm, 13-20mm etc in wide, 24-70,28-80,28-200 in mid,wide to tele, range, 70-200, 70-300, 100-400 in teles, to mention a few.

3) As the zoom lenses are heavy in weight, while shooting without tripods, there are chances of getting blurred or shaky pictures. To avoid this, the simple method is to use the shutter speed matching with that of the focal length. For example, if u use focal length of 200mm, better use the shutter speed of 1/250 or higher or at 300mm, 1/500/in case of 90mm use 1/125.....In low light, set higher ISO to be able to use higher shutter speeds.

4) In compact cameras, there is inbuilt zoom of 3x to 5x, which can be used conveniently on auto setting. In prosumer cameras there is tough competition to maximise focal lengths as 15x, 20x,26x, 30x, 42x...But in maximum focal length the image may be softer.....Anyhow all the best with zoom photography capturing children,pets,birds,street views, nature,wildlife and many more subjects you face or think continue

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