Friday, August 3, 2012

GS Photography: Telephoto lenses.(post no.89).

TELEPHOTO LENS: In the last post, I discussed about the wide angle lens....The telephoto lens is opposite to that....I come to those lenses here. For example,even u shoot with a compact or a kit lens's wide angle effect of the scene....There is lurking a telephoto image in that picture...Yeaa..u can get that telephoto effect of ur photo by cropping the image to the desired portion....However, we do it but only if our camera has good MPs of 12 MP,14 MP etc. Despite getting the cropped telephoto image, if higher ISO was used by camera or u set for low light, the effect will not be satisfactory and noise(grain) may crop in, making image less sharp....Therefore, the companies have manufactured prime telephoto lenses from 85mm to 1200mm and above. As U must hv seen on the cricket matches on ur tv, a bunch of photographers are occupying a good angled venue with their telephoto lenses for the optimum good result...You say wow, when u see the closeup of the batsman, baller,fielder or the cricketer catching the ball in magazines, newspapers...These are the results of those great telephoto lenses....

A telephoto lens has a narrow depth of field and shows the object larger, i.e. more closer, making them useful for nature, candid, wildlife,sports, portrait and press photography.

As in the picture above, the cruise face come larger with 200mm focal length and the background of the hill,seen in the back, goes out of focus, because of the shallow DOF of the lens.

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