Friday, July 27, 2012

GS Photography:Interchangeable Lenses.(Post no.88)

Many of you are acquainted with compact and bridge (prosumer) cameras. They have fixed lenses. However focal length zooms in and out, as is the trend - 3x,5x to 42x built-in zooms in various models of cameras of different companies/mfgrs.....As some of you may have seen the DSLR cameras, with interchangeable lens facility, as shown in the picture.They help going pro, or a better enthusiast with good photography skills, with fast focusing capability and facility of changing different focal length lenses as the occasion requires.....Which are those different interchangeable lenses....Let's know that:

1) Wide Angle Lenses....These are fixed focal length lenses as 35mm, 28mm,24mm and more wider and fish-eye come in range of below 24mm to as low as 8mm...These lenses have a larger field of view and short focal length as mentioned. They cover more of the view and the image becomes smaller...Thus more of the subject matter is included. These lenses have much greater depth of field, as the focal length is reduced the depth of field increased....For creativity they are very useful creating unusual effects, while shooting in narrow spaces...Many photographers use 35mm,28mm, 24mm as their standard lenses since most of the time they need shooting in narrow places....However being shorter in focal length, they are required to go more nearer to the subject....which is a boon and hurdle, continue in next post.

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