Thursday, July 5, 2012

Composition in photography.-Rule of thirds.

RULE OF THIRDS: Before going deep into the art of photography....there is some homework which every photographer who wish to be an artist-cum-photographer, should do to make images pictorially/artistically appealing....Composition in photography is the art of arranging an object and various objects and forms harmoniously within the four lines of frame of a picture area to have an impact which will hold the viewers attention and appreciation for you.

2) Here I posted a rectangle (to be taken as a frame of an image)......portraying the RULE OF THIRDS. If your subject is point no.1 or 2, there is two third portion is left at the Left side...And if your subject is placed at points 3 & 4 of the intersecting lines, two third portion is left at Right side...that is the theory of Rule of Thirds in photography and in painting also.

3)  Whatever  the composition may be in theory, it is only in practice that it will be of benefit to use by studying the picture that is pleasing...To hold this principle would be necessary  first step for all those who wish to make pictures...In the picture of still life in the bowl...I placed the apple at the points 3 & 4, thus leaving almost two thirds space at right for supplementary objects.....Here,the eyes remain still on the apple, which is red and red is always is a dominating be used carefully.  Your eyes cannot go out of frame since there is green colour cucumbers and dark purple brinjal...Your eyes stay in the bowl...Now let's think, what can supplement these  three coloured objects...Necessarily a knife, that links to the objects...So now your eyes come to the knife....Then there is some active space is left at right for framing the picture...and for the hand to pick up the knife....1 & 2 points are also occupied by brinjal and the cucumber and the remaining space by knife....Now, you hide the knife and see the bowl with occupants make a full picture...It looks that something is lacking and that place is filled by the knife...The knife's handle is placed in conjunction with the main object i.e. apple...This is the simplicity in the picture...not too many things to view. And there are no distractions....The middle shadow in the bowl gives depth. The dark background compresses all to be within the frame....

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