Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Light--Cloudy sky, Night photography, cityscape, fireworks

In last blog, I talked about the day light with sun....That is not the end....One most important lighting is from the cloudy sky...This may happen any time during the year in our country, though rainy season is already there to provide the softest of light for good portraits outdoors, without squeezing the eyes (refer earlier blog).....The Angle matters and just look in the sky where sun's visibility is there....Let your subject's half face be towards the sun...If there is some difference in the light intensity, your subject get bright light from sun's side and some shadow at the other side saving it going as a flat light portrait...This will happen with some practice as here also sun's or your subject's angle is very important.....Not difficult?

ii) There is all round reflectance of light from sky, side buildings, even in the ground and the clouds too. I brought you the picture of school children, how comfortably they are moving under the light of overcast sky.
And there is even light on the faces.

2) You have seen much photography is done during night....the easiest example is the weddings and other functions -- as in a drama on the stage without use of flash....Yes you will say, that during night the photography is done through flash lights. are right, where there is less light, the flashes are being used. However, with the incoming of digital cameras, more of the dim light is covered with higher ISOs and it has become easy to photograph half of your images with sufficiently brilliant light on stages etc.....If you use tripod, there are good chances to photographing your town, in night lights with vehicles adding movement effect....The exposure many be in seconds...Therefore tripod or some solid support is needed.

3) Here is an example of night photography of town or cities....The camera was supported on a brickwall alongside of the lake....The lake is visible with trees in foreground....The exposure was auto counting 3 seconds...The sky too is well delineated.

4) Wow you won't miss the fireworks too....There are so many advantages in night also to continuing the clicking your camera....and learning a lot about photography....may become your bread-winner, continue....

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