Tuesday, June 19, 2012


In the last blog, I was talking of the light during day time.....Here is a picture taken in the morning in a lake. The light is rendering good effect since the sun was at an angle, nearly 9.30 AM...What we see in the light during day or night....The features are clearly shown....Yes this example will take you to that direction...The water is sufficiently of deep colour giving the best of contrast between the bird and the surrounding...

2) Now recollect or go back to my last post where the guy's photo was taken at the time of overhead sun....Do you think the light is correct to find out clearly all the details needed in a good profile...there is all shadow from forehead to chin....So this time of day is to be avoided while doing serious type of photography.....For visiting tourist places, all light is good, since you are not to stay long there....Therefore this is a sort of emergency clicking....Or if you are at ease there and wish to stay longer, wait for nearly 3.00 PM onwards, when again the sun goes angled.....Besides one hint I would suggest to use your camera's builtin flash when the sun is high at noon time to fill in shadows...In other words reducing them to have better picture closeups---Pl remember the flash has a limited range of 10-15 feet and the intensity of light of flash is further reduced in front of the shining sun.....So upto 10ft coverage is sufficient.

3) You are at the evening time now....The picture at side was taken nearly 5.00 PM....The light evenly lits the faces...and shadows are making good modelling on the face.....Here and morning also you are at liberty to use cameras's flash....It won't kill the original skin tones but rather fill-in the shadows or lighten them.

4) So we can divide morning time from sun rise to 10 AM FOR GOOD PICTURE TAKING, be it portraits or landscapes......Noon time when the sun is high on head....Avoid portraits or use fill flash.....Evening 3PM to sunset the best time with or without using fill flash.....Yes in the morning or evening when your subject faces you with back to sun, the camera's flash will be of great help to light up the face or faces....BESIDES a good advice is to keep sun at your back, left or right side during morning or evening so half shadow on the face can be a tolerable feature of people you are taking photographs.

5) An old saying goes.....when photographing a person/persons, keep sun behind you...It was true, as the cameras had less inbuilt facilities....Not like today's advanced cameras...

6) To add good picture taking, you can use shadows of wall near houses, under the trees....so there is even light on the faces....Verandahs/porch are also good places...to avoid squeezing of the eyes...hahaha...and having plain lighting...GO on CLICKING.....THERE IS NO LIMIT.....to continue.


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