Monday, June 11, 2012

Photography is painting with light..!

Here  one photo is shown taken in sunlight...and another during evening in large shadow of evening in a park....The first picture tells you to avoid such sort of light as the eyes, the most important part of a portrait, look squeezed because of facing to sun..that has to be avoided.....In another though the child looking uncomfortable in order to reach to her mom, the picture is good in all respects...(skin tone,her pose, colour of clothes,diffused background etc)..I wish she cud see in you do not avoid.
We talked about cameras in last blog.....There is no limit to people's likings and no limit for companies to manufacture, as good as cameras.....You may have a compact camera or other with higher zooms and features including a DSLR.

What is the purpose of manufacturing a camera? Yes to take pictures.....But how you will take pictures? They are not made to shoot aimlessly......To take a good picture you will have to depend upon 'Lighting'....As is said , without lighting there is no picture....How true it is said....In general terms a picture is 'painting  with light'....Shutter and aperture acts as brush and thru correct recording of light a good painting....errr, sorry , a good picture is made.

As photography in itself is a vast subject it may take months to understand the lighting....But for simple and good pictures, simple and good lighting will be required....As you all know daylight is the best light source....but depending on the sun's position....It is not that we come out with camera in one hand and find out lots of sunlight spread over the atmosphere....Does it good for photography? Yes, if you have a vast field and beautiful scenery, it will be delight to snap good pictures then and there....More pictures of the same area you need....Yes, that is will have to move to change angles and you will be amaged viewing through LCD panel or viewfinder that the beauty was so near to you and you never noticed.. YOUR INTEREST IN PTOTOGRAPHY MADE IT POSSIBLE..

THERE ARE MANY SITUATIONS OF LIGHT BUT HERE I AM TALKING OF BRIGHT DAY WITH SUNLIGHT from morning to evening...And you will wonder that 99 percent of the photographs are made using this light, throughout the day.

Here I am talking of India of sunlight where sun is bright almost round the year otherwise in many countries the sun shines for few months only...So the best advantage is taken there also of the continue

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