Monday, June 4, 2012

Cheap Cameras and Photography--For Homes

...IS your child that much naughty?...Or you were naughty at this age?....haha....This is in contunuation of previous blog....The camera's capability is to ptotograph the subject before it.....While doing an amateur photography and starting it with new camera, there are faults to occur....Many of your photographs get over/under exposed and many you get worthy of praise by your friend circle and family.

When buying cameras, the question arises, whether to buy a lesser price camera or a higher price prosumer or dSLR. The thinking depends upon the use of camera. Is it for family purpose, e.g. for birthdays, picnics, or small functions and festivals?....Yes there are festivals galore in India and all 12 months are occupied by small or big festivals in all castes and creed....THERE is a wrong notion that a costly camera can take good photographs...Now with digital cameras  also, as in film days, good pictures can be taken by cheaper cameras....There are good companies like, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, who are making good affordable cameras in compact design....These cameras too used with some understanding can take award winning pictures....There is a manual with every camera or a CD and going through it will give you sufficient knowledge of operating the equipment.....THOUGH I WILL TRY MY BEST TO COVER THE MANUALS  features which sometimes, many people try to avoid reading.

For home purpose photography, a compact camera will be a good bargain, with a 4x zoom facility and builtin flash and AUTO mode to cover your 99% subjects, as u do not wish to go into the intricacies and features built into the camera, as you are already engaged in other home works,kitchen, children/men with late coming, early going, getting time of rest or other household works,  friends

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