Saturday, June 2, 2012

Understanding Photography

This is the desire of every one to keep the past memories alive in the form of photographs. When they see them it seems the gone time has come back....What can be the best medium than the photography.

Today also we see the old photographs of school days, our relatives, father, mother, grand father/mother and the friends we enjoyed the life with.Many of the friends have uploaded their class photographs of KG, Class I onwards and their family photographs in colour and black & white on the Facebook and other friendly sites.. Fond memories come alive and we become emotional.

Today many of you already have some sort of digital camera. (Sorry, the film cameras have become the things of past, which you cud buy a good Kodak camera even in Rs.500/-)....Anyhow the time changes and we have to follow its footsteps....Yeaa--Digital cameras....They come well in Rs.3000/- and above and your Mobile has a builtin camera, which is more handy to capture memories of marriages, picnics,travels, child births or any other functions in school/colleges.

Photography in itself is a detailed topic, which goes as courses in Schools and Colleges....Thus a photographer learns throughout his life....if he is a persistent follower of the art....For Common man it may not be an art, but as I said, the subject to capture vivid memories of day-to-day life, which he can store as a soft copy, in PCs, Laptops, while making a small album of chosen photographs to share with the visiting guests, or enjoy himself.

The above photograph of Lord Ganesh idols, I took on Ganesh Chaturthi, on the road side,ready for sale to devotees---see the beautiful colours.....So it is a good subject to have 'Darshan' of Lord Ganesh in the beginning of your album.

Expo: 1/400, f11, ISO continue

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