Thursday, July 19, 2012

DOF- Landscapes,Portraits,Macros with Compact and Prosumers.

I have not discouraged the compact and prosumer camera owners....I am just to say that they can take good pictures with their cameras....They will get nice DOF by these cameras in landscapes....Compact  (P&S) cameras do have 4x and 5x zoom. And prosumeras too have extended zoom facility. Therefore good portraits can be shot by zooming the lenses and composing the picture horizontally or vertically....Reg closeups and macros..these cameras have focusing capability upto 3cm to 1cm...As I said  closeup and macros are magnification of an image...They can shoot the image of an insect, butterfly, flower etc at these focal lengths. THEN comes handy is your PC or laptop. Crop the image to the desired shown above....I took this flower shot with a compact camera focusing upto 3cm.....Then as I thought to have the inner to be macroed, I cropped the centre portion of the flower and adjusted it to face the petals at right, leaving some space at right to spread them, while the middle ones are more closed and the stamen too facing in petals' direction(compositionally important).....Here is made the macro, which we long for shooting with lens reversal ring, closeup filters and extension tubes (which are for dSLRs)......As the cameras are coming with more MPs such as 12 MP,14MP,16MP etc, the cropped area will not be pixellated. It may be at 6 MP or more..... Now you can think, what do you want - to get it into digital album, have a 4x6'' print to u

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