Saturday, July 7, 2012

Composition in Photography-Rule of Thirds-To Break.

There is a saying that Rules are made to be broken....In previous blog I took you to the Rule of thirds from an indoor shot....Here I placed the bird in the middle. In viewing the principle looks broken here....Still, if you see from the diagram, the bird's feet are touching the below intersecting line, if you view the diagram vertically. The wings up are touching the another upper line of 1/3rd portion of the dia....The bird is steady here, as it has just landed on the tree branch. This is not the flying position. Therefore, according to rule of thirds, the picture needed more space in the front of the bird. But still the picture has appeal to be treated as a complete image with sufficient space left in all three sides of the sky...The base is the tree branches and flowers...and the birds looks in a restful mood.

There are more small things in composition to be discussed....Your opinion is solicited.

Expo.: 1/2500, f8, ISO 1600 at 300mm. (The picture is cropped to have the bird comfortable for viewer than more of the surroundings.)

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