Monday, July 9, 2012

GS Photography...Compositional elements....

In my previous blog. we discussed Rule of thirds...that is one part and most essential  in pictorial photography....Other aspects include : Simplicity (not including many or irrelevant things in the photograph), Angle to shoot from, Framing the picture, Leading lines, Horizontal or vertical composition, Focal Point, Fill frame, Technical excellence, Exposing correctly, Converging lines, Tonal range, Depth of Field, Perspective, Sharpness, Background, contrast, Texture, human element (where necessary), correct focus, unity etc.....which will come further in my other posts......haha Are you scared to read so many features in a composition?....No, no..When once the eyes are accustomed to picture taking, these elements come automatically into the picture...and with practising on various objects , you can become an accompalished  photo-artist.

Closeup or Long I place a close up of a duck....Closeup can be made directly from camera at shooting time or they are made on photoshop by cropping the image. Image should be large enough to allow cropping e.g. in full 10 MP, 12 MP,14 or 16 MP, whatever your camera has to avoid showing pixels when the cropped image is

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