Wednesday, July 18, 2012

GS Photography--DOF in practice-Examples (Post no.85)

Scaling DOF or DOF in practice:   Here I kept these 3 items at 10'' distance. Camera nearly 1 ft....These are taken with the kit lens of dSLR.....This shot is at wide aperture of f4.5....focused on the yellow bottle in all three (2 to follow)...You can see the shallow DOF 'PONDS' more out of focus...I used the bed sheet to view further the sharpness increasing as the aperture goes narrow.

2) Rest of the things as above, changed the aperture to f5.6 and the 'PONDS' become more clear and the bed sheet too became sharper.

3) This was shot at f11 and you can notice the increasing DOF on 'PONDS' and on the bed sheet......If you go down more to f16,almost it will be full sharp.....So you can understand when to increase the DOF with narrow aperture or to decrease using the wide aperture depending the the subject.....

4) If you shoot landscape, use f11 or f16 and focus in middle to get the picture full sharp till infinity. In portraits, f8 and f5.6 works well with dSLRs focusing on the eyes.(show u in next picture)....In closeups, and macros use of narrow aperture is essential i.e. f11 and f16 to have maximum DOF, which is still less or enough subjectwise. 

5) With compacts and prosumers (with extended focal lengths of 20x,30x etc), you will get more sharpness despite using wide apertures, since they have small sensors in comparisons to dSLR.....YOU HAVE TO BEAR WITH YOUR LIMITATIONS in these cases.

6) This pic was shot with a dSLR mounting 70-300 zoom lens at 105mm....You can view here the DOF on the front and back grill which is out of focus and the attention remains on the portrait....This may be an example of leading lines as the grill's middle line is leading to his face from right of the frame and at left also from collar to his face

Click pic to view bigger.

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