Saturday, July 21, 2012


We talked about the Depth of Field in a photograph.....An artistic photograph has many things to tell....Let's find out some relevant questions, which the attached photograph may answer, or you will find answers in other images while viewing them prudently. Here I made a silhouette of three leaves.
2) Silhouette is the term used for an image where the subject is photographed against a lighted background. The subject will come dark with bright background, for example may be sky, particularly in morning and evening, when the sun is angled...may be a lighted wall, white cloth, cardsheet etc. Besides, in the photograph, the three leaves make a triangle...Their own shape is also in triangle form.That is a geometrical design....The leaves tell about nature's fury

3) Now let's us find out the questions, which an image has to answer:::
a) Is it a story-telling picture?
b) Has the picture got the required impact?
c) Is there too much inclusion of elements?
d) Is it vertically or horizontally fit?
e) Has the picture all tonal values?
f) Is the main subject well placed which stands out from its surroundings?
g) If the dark and light areas are well balanced?
h) Does the image has inclusion of unnecessary elements, which distract attention,
and should have been excluded?

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