Friday, March 14, 2014

Back light in Photography-portraits.(post no.134).

-Contre-jour/Against the light/Back light.....Light from u may call it....but it has enormous potential for any subject, especially portraits, may be in Studio, outdoors.....This automatically detatches your subject from the background, giving it its own identity....Ours is a country having sun round the year.Shooting back-lighted subjects is well done in morning and evening. However, there are grt opportunities to be shot even during day time as the sun is at an angle in 'winter' season.

--Exposure calculation is easy. For example, if u use outdoors an aperture of f11 in frontal lighted subjects, the shutter speed may be 1/500 to 1/1000 as per intensity of light at ISO 100.....When shooting against light, use lens hood,  watch light and increase aperture by 1 to 2 stops. U can easily view the result on camera screen and make necessary changes, if need be.

--When in studio shooting backlight, u can have more good effect with a side, or both sides flash/strobe lights and a light on the background too....As experiments are done we achieve unexpected results with our male or female subject, may be children too.

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  1. I have suggested 1 to 2 stops increase in aperture.....this is because we in India have fair color skin people and the people with brown or even darker skin tones in various region men and women.