Thursday, February 20, 2014

Photography at tourists spots.(post no.133)

Generally people are in the habit of visiting tourists spots---some on holidays and some round the year or as the season suits them...For photographers it is more a fish catcher...he sits long day with an empty net....Not so here for photo-enthusiasts...they generally catch the point with their watchful eye...because besides visiting the main interest places their main aim is to come with bundle of photographs worth preserving.
2) Yea...since u are at the village,town or city, you will find photogenic subjects... Find the right place to shoot from...For example, some higher angle may help you to view a lot more than imaginable....Also not to forget ground level photography....this is mostly forgotten, as people are in habit of shooting standing, or sometimes on knees. Ground level shots are most difficult but with digicams having live view, it becomes somewhat easier....where u can sit, or in other cases u have to lie down....not a joke...hahaha....this angle very few try...may be or may not be in public places, but in parks it can do well......ANYHOW MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR VISIT....Many photographers think, they will come again, but never have opportunity to go back at that place, so shooting as many memorable pix will help u in future for records, publication, selling to clients for brochures etc.
3) Overall the weather is most important....India in one of the best countries for photography having sunlight round the year....So morning, noon and evening all are delightful for the camera....LET YOUR CAMERA ALSO SMILE....AND U WILL HAVE THE BEST OF PICTURES.......I mean keep all focal lengths you will require in one, two or three lenses...Keep the battery checked up and have one extra.  Now, how many GB cards you have with you.....Divide them into 4 GB cards each, so unfortunately if u miss one, there is still a lot with you.
4) Find out interesting depends if you are in the middle of the market/town or on the outskirts of the place.....You shd be clever enough not to disappoint others by your camera's presence and take good pictures. Here your selection of lens will work.  like a kit lens and a 70-300 zoom for wide angle shots and telephoto shots respectively of annoyed subjects.....To take better shots, allure the children and by angling towards them, you can take other good shots of people around them by going wide or zooming in.
5) Here you will be selective of DOF----when shooting landscape, people, buildings etc from the point of view of pictorial photography, THAT CREATES MOOD OF THE PIC.. In good light small aperture will do wonder and when u open to f3.5, increase the SS and decrease the ISO to minimum in ur camera,say ISO100.and when light is low using bigger aperture will limit the dof..rendering  best of results.....One more lens is recommended is prime lens of 50mm f1.4 or f1.8 having control on it is favourite of many working photographers.

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