Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Flower, a most imp part of our life from home to Gods-(post no.130).

....Is it not strange that nature is present before us in various symmetrical design?.....This flower I brought here to show how the ''STAR'' effect is prominent in various flowers....see the inner design and the small brush strokes moving around the petals ....the color is hillarious...light violet.....

2. Generally even in flowers we find their placement at rule of thirds with good positive space leaving in front...But as the size of the positive and negative space determines the balance in the frame, it is sometimes necessary that without worrying for rule of thirds, the flower petals are spiralling out clearly from the centre in this symmetrical and balanced image.

3. To bring out a saturated color in the flower, I half stop underexposed it. This also helped me to hide many unnecessary background details, which otherwise distracted attention.....To cheer u more, I shall try to bring more of flowers pix.

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