Thursday, February 6, 2014

Still Life photography....(post no.131).

Life has many shades....there is bright light, there are shadows....And from the birth of a child to the end, it has to go with many facets....The leaf I shot in still life is in the last phase, since it saw all the weathers  when it first came under the spell of sunlight.....Yes depiction of subject  is depiction of philosophy of life in photography and that is more intriguing in still life photography.
2) As Bernard Shaw wrote in 1902 that 'communicability was one of the first principles of a fine art. The ability of an artist to convey his ideas or impressions to the beholder'; and he went on to show that pictorialists could do this at least as well as the worker in any of the other arts.
3) Many has opined that the picture is a thing to be judged 'in its own right'....and not simply as a record of something...this is more relevant in still life photography rather than landscapes or portraiture.
4) Still life photography is depiction of inanimate objects, whether single or groups. The subject provides lots of scope in the arrangements of design elements within a composition....Still Life PHOTOGRAPHERS MAKE PICTURES RATHER TAKE THEM.

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