Friday, August 8, 2014

Live musical programs....(post no.143).

Generally there are concerts, other musical programs in ur town or may be near town......It is most interesting to shoot pictures of artists performing....I saw that when I reach near them, though below the stage, they look getting extra is magic of photography.....I am close to VIP there. It is more interesting too, that it looks compulsory to take pictures of the first row people (though, thus covering many rows behind), who while watching camera becomes aware of their alertness to give a good pose (may be published in next day's newspaper).......Stage, I cover from various angles, because the artists behind playing instruments are too curious to come in the field view of the camera lens.......I go up on stage to get them close sometimes and they feel obliged. If in next concert if I happened to meet them, I get a bigger smile and hand iver copies of photos I took of them, which is beyond their imagination....and for next time they are more conscious and give a better pose and play the instrument wonderfully well.

Any camera will do....camphones, to compacts to SLRs....But if u are close to be a professional, use SLR FOR BEST RENDERING THE IMAGES.....Though, this time above, I shot them with my Canon compact.....Not to worry upro 5x7 at ISO 200 with good stage lighting with compacts......If tripod is used, better shoot at ISO80 or 100 on compacts.. With DSLRs use aperture priority with + or - compensation, one stop if necessary. f5.6 or 8 are good apertures.(above prog I took last week).

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