Monday, August 25, 2014

Sweet children--dear children before ur camera.(post no.144)

In the world, the human babies are the most photographed.....First parents too are interested with advent of digital cameras....then their close relatives...and sometimes people like me who found  her in her father's lap in a mall. She has just finished her icecream.....I like this photo, as she may more demand her fav. cup of icecream.....Though I made some gestures to get her smile, she was looking a bit scared, as happens with less comfortable children with other people.

In the situation, we were unknown to each other, but in ur home or in neighbourhood, there may be small do not leave chances photographing them.....If they feel scared, use good lighting to capture them with ur tele-zoom from a distance....Camera's choice is yours, as if professional or serious enthusiast, DSLR with different lenses are good choice....But ever now camphones with good no.of pixels will render good results.....Save them in ur hard-drive....but if u can gift some copies of photos to their parents, it will be a generous gesture, promoting u to shoot more pictures of children....Here I used my Canon compact, worthy of delivering good results in ISO80 or 100....So if u get lower shutter speed, support ur camera on tripod, or some hard space, even your knee will help. In slower shutter speeds, and higher angles, I view the pic in camera screen, pressing the camera on my chest and click....Even I can ask a friend to stand still, fixing camera on his shoulder and click.....So human body too is of much help in taking pictures in low light with lower ISOs for best quality of pictures.

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