Thursday, September 4, 2014

Off-centre subject....(post no.145)

Placing MAIN SUBJECT OFF-CENTRE:....Balanced images r perfectly centred and are more stable but since the eye does not move around the frame, they are boring. Asymmetry is dynamic and can be created by placing the main subject off-centre in the composition. It is better to avoid tension to the eyes as there are different points of interest for the eyes to follow.

Thus the size of the positive and negative space determines the balance in the frame. Take an example of a daisy with the petals spiralling out neatly from the centre is an example of a symmetrical and balanced.

The picture below is spreading up in the frame  and there is a good hollow space around to move the eyes and bring back on the butterfly, besides it is not totally centred. The space above is indicative of the movement of the butterfly. The vignette is also created to stop the eyes going out of frame......THE PICTURE WAS SHOT BY NIKON SLR WITH ISO400, Shutter Speed 1/200 and aperture f9.

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