Friday, November 28, 2014

Photography tips on portraits.(post no.146).....

I took this picture with one lamp of 200wt in a reflector.....The picture was in color...then I converted it in B&W for sheer beauty of the monotoned images shot on b&w films, still favourite of the masses, shot on digital and then converted into b&w.......The beauty of the picture above rests on its single 45degree lighting effect, which is making a bigger loop on his right cheek (may be termed as a Rembrandt loop)....Then his boldness of looking straight into the camera and the hairstyle, his smile and a small piece of his dress at left making a good base for his black dress merging into the shadows below the chin....Other important thing is the dark background which keeps the viewers' eyes straight on the triangular face, which place diagonally to give strength to the look and add difference into a straight face...the two tiny points of small buttons adds charm to his otherwise dark dress....I retained them for the liveliness of the whole image...........See further on the next page.

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