Thursday, December 18, 2014

Flash with ambient light & rxperiments with colored gels (post no.150)

USE flash - but also capture some ambient light......using only flash will result the background is always dark and all pictures look the same.......To capture the ambient and to establish where the photograph has been shot-----at home, on the streets or in a restaurant with red, yellow or green lighting -----use the FLASH IN A SLOW SYNCH MODE, or use the night portrait mode in ur compact  camera. These modes fire flash during a long exposure thereby capturing the ambient light and giving a sense of the place the image was shot at. Thus u will be confirmed of the place at a later date and lapse of time, having captured the atmosphere as well besides ur kins/friends/relations......

----Get creative with flash, using colored gelatine papers on the flash of ur camera for different kinds effects. Blue and red gelatine will help u introduce a unique color cast to ur pictures.....the sky is the limit.   ...move away and experiment with different colors........continueFlashAmbient light

I used here camera flash to light up the face which was under the when chance comes that u are hesitant to shoot the picture, but the picture is under shadow, which is rather dark, so pop up the camera flash and take few snaps. The time will look worth spent.

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