Friday, December 12, 2014

Posing IN PORTRAITS.....continued.(post no.150)

PLACING THE ARMS.........................This is a formal and ideal portrait taken in home.......U can view the placements of hands with this homely pose.......Nobody is strained.....Just a call and click. Why not make poses like this in studios.......Most important is placing of arms. The lady has delicacy in her hands as well besides making her ''pallu'' cover her head as an Indian daughter-in-law.

2. While standing avoid pressing ur arms against ur body......nor wud u like to look stiff with hands and arms. Keep the arm slightly away from body and leave them hanging loose (as in the case of the gentleman above).....In ladies with some good flesh, sleeveless blouse may show under arm flash.....that has to be avoided. Even a flabby beauty wud like to look slim......Here photography skill comes in hand and trying with sarees, angles will certainly help and please the lady.

3. Always we are more cautious of ladies than men as the sentiments flow fast and their demands have no ends.........Folded arms too look good keeping the angle of the body to 3/4th towards camera.......also breathing and holding it to push tummy a little in wud help a lot. ....Shoulders----the supporters of arms shd also be taken care of with a critical look......they shd not be loose and bending in front......whatever may be, it is photographer's duty to have a watchful eye and instruct in a mild tone, his customers........iF THERE ARE TWO persons, they can make use of arms and hands by placing them on shoulders, hand-in-hand, etc. A photographers has to face every second person a different one from the first.   You are lucky if u get customers with slim body.....otherwise it is all ''managing'' it to full satisfaction of the client since ur reputation depends upon all praises from customers in order to fetch more of them.

4. Do not allow clients to make stiff postures in any case whether one is sitting and another standing. The rules are rules in case of one person, 2 persons or more........POSITIONS are many, and ur mind shd work to create the best of poses. Like creating pleasant thoughts, as the girls are prone to these and will make good poses. Likewise the waist and legs shd be making better poses. Legs also to be kept loose, may be keeping one another taking support of the wall in studio and tree outdoors......NATURALLY OUTDOORS HV MORE BETTER OPPORTUNITIES FOR BODY POSTURES, WITH LOT OF PROPS AROUND......TREES, ROCKS, BIG STONES, PLANTS, FLOWERS. HEDGES, GOOD SHADOWS OF TREES ETC ETC......THERE IS NO END TO MAKING GOOD POSES FOR ANY SORT OF CLIENTS.....SO GO AHEAD. Theoritical it is all information    IT IS ALL PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE THAT WILL MAKE ANYBODY PERFECT.
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