Saturday, April 25, 2015

a DISCUSSION ON MY POST-IN A FORUM--MY replies(post no.161)

Jasii....thnx for ur points......yes that I missed while composing.....thnk for getting me on line......THIS may be a good understanding too.

well Devi....the man is fast enough and on the settings of the camera and also to get shake-free picture(this is my weakness), fast movements are caught only once ..Even u put it on ''continuous'' shooting mode, all wii hv  different poses (also that is not possible handheld)..........yea to get fire balls more blurred, which was the intention too, I swear I cud not come down to ISO400 or below 1/160 shutter speed......The small blurs are my satisfaction.........(other shuttlers beside me trying to stop, rather than blur the movement on the fear of a shaky picture, thus sing 1/500, 1/1000 SS. I had to smile and showed my screen......they wondered; 1/160-shakefree.....THese are small instances which teach us a lot.

thnx Vyasji for kind appreciation.

thnx Mukund.....there was a programme of tribal dance in local community hall. IN THE LAST PHASE, these classical singers  sang bhajans and the dancers were well active.................SOMETIMES even in tribal dances, there are few calssically trained city girls.

thnks AD for ur kind liking.

thnx Das......Of course, when we are on stage with DJ crying out, even we cannot talk to our friends. I beg pardon for the half cut lady and that is an omission while having full attention on the dancer........

Reg full pose, pl remove misunderstanding, we are on the stage to cover as many facets of their beautiful performing body, from closeup of face to toe, then it is desirable to catch the facial movements. However if we go only for full pose, unnecessary bg is included and a small look of the body, as can be seen in the multi-artist dancers below, the physical appearance.

That I like with a 200 mm and a single danseuse performing classical dance in close the full body......This can be achieved in ''lavani'' too, much faster that other art forms, but with flash, may be direct or explanations are long, and I don't feel anybody bored. ''ART IS FOR ART'S SAKE'' for us.
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