Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Action performance in a Tribal dance....(post no.162).

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THIS is an action photograph....Dance is also action performances----yea they are dancing here, the man in front, moving the ring with fireballs at each end of sticks.......Here pl first think of lighting, Can u catch more fire from the balls without using flash......It mean under this lighting situation u will have to come down to shutter speed of 1/30 with f5,6, ISO800......increasing ISO to 1600 will give u shutter speed of 1/60,,,,,,however, if picture gets some underexposed, then the noise has to come up. this is the risk....still, if ur camera is on tripod u can get good fireball with more of the firelines showing......and also the man with some blurred moving action.

I didn't have tripod, and handheld my pix with slow shutter speeds get shaky......Therefore, I thought of freezing the whole action thus using the oncamera flash......and got some fire shown on the balls, as the man  was moving the circles very fast, which was not possible without flash (may be whole seen blurred.without flash in low lighting and slow shutter speed)........The flash helps sometimes, let not the movement go.I am happy with their dresses and the contrast picture got........any query

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