Saturday, May 9, 2015

A religious place, shot at dusk time....a tribute to departed souls.(post no.163).

VISITING any river, lake or pond may benefit u with a picture......In rivers, there r number of boats, people the lakes there or boats, motor boats, cruise with lots of activities with gooses roaming around and in water......Pond will help u with trees or peoples shadows, making a good silhouette, besides, frogs, fishes etc giving u company in closeup photography.

The example is of faith in holy rivers where it is thought that the lamps carry their message to the departed souls of their near ones.....Thy boy let the lamp flow, while at sife ----a good example of pinkish red, stopping the eyes, going out of frame....they were taking bath with the rivers cold water.

The light was dull as sun had set and it was dusk time.........Nikon D40 demanded the exposure of 1/25, f4.5 and ISO 400...... I MADE IT SLIGHT LIGHT ON PP......THUS FULL DETAILS ARE VISIBLE which are required if u send it to some photo exhibition or a newspaper or magazine......
TITLE MAY BE ----- Paying tribute to the departed.

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