Friday, May 15, 2015

EARNING money from PHOTOGRAPHY: (post no.164)

THERE ARE SEVERAL WAYS IN GOING ECONOMICALLY SOLID WITH UR BATTERY OF CAMERAS, flash and other accessories........Practically there are several branches which will provide good sustainance with ur equipments.......Sorry, I am not taking photography as topic for lecture, but the experience which also provided good money. Here is the example and the description, how the situation was dealt by me automatically......Just photo-journalism works:

While in office at about 1 PM, I heard the news of a train derailment some 15 kms from my residence......or office.....Office I cud not take leave. I reached home at 5.30pm and decided to go to the site of accident...As it was drizzling, I took my FIAT and reached the spot which was one & half KM from the road. I side-parked my ''gadi'' and went on foot with umbrella. As is said, it is not permissible to take photographs of public property. Therefore I watched. There were Engineers and other rly staff with stray people.. The light was dull.Long shot I managed, thinking to take permission from staff. However, there was a derailed wheel and I wanted closeup. I mounted the flash and took the shot. AS THE FLASH sparked off, the staff became conscious and one fellow rushed to me. ''Sir, Sahab bula rahe hain''. I was a little bit taken aback. Anyhow as I reached to the GM/Incharge on the spot, he asked me, ''Can u take some photographs for us''....I was thrilled. They wanted the tracks, the wheels and some more of the affected portions,close to long shot.

He asked me to handover some 20 photographs  to the Station Master (20kms) next day and take money. It earned me day as I handed over the photographs, with lot of there are innumerable opportunities in photography, depending upon ur approaches and the expertize, I mean top class prints in time.

''MY ANSWER to queries in the forum......................thnx some extent u are right, taking pix by mobiles then and there saves time and the incident cud be viewed instantly.......this helps them later in the office.....this is a great boon for general public provided by the modern tech..........but also as they hv photographer friends and have to submit the bill, they generally hire the pro., who on their directions best portray the scene with his skill.

well Jasii, thnx for ur opinion....... :D THIS HAPPENED FIRST AND LAST TIME IN MY LIFE....I was so close to the incident, it took 15 minutes for me to come to my senses after moving half a km area. the ghastness cud be is some 20 yrs hence. For some time I was upset viewing the compartments, 2-3 more affected.....casualties were less as well as injured.

My heart started to jump when they asked to cover the incident with is here how difficult the job they put into with scales checking the rugged tracks in closeups and long shots. train wheels dug the took 30 minutes as the darkness gulfing in, but with emergency lights their work was faster with two cranes to clear the line and within two hours they gave clearance.(.)''

NOW LET US BE READY THAT THERE ARE MANY BRANCHES which will yield money or may be income, if followed sincerely-----keeping in touch with the editors of newspapers, Magazines and brochure printing companies.......etc.

IN PHOTO-JOURNALISM, u have sufficient time----not rushing like a press photographer, who has to submit images as early as possible for morning issues of newspapers, particularly......P-J provides u few days time till that time u can get a write-up of incident (may be dance or dramas or other community activity), and make prints ready, as they publish the articles generally on weekly/quarterly/monthly basis, so once u cud come into contact with top quality work, they will certainly publish them and pay as per terms.

Examples are the foreighners who shoot continuously and when back, they are in touch with the journals/editors (may be already friendly) and since the bizzare photographs belonging to an unknown nation's culture, they are giving priority and without hesitation, with good paymens, publish the photographs for their readers, something new for there is no end select branch one or more and persevere. The result has to come positive.

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