Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Portraiture again......(post no.165)

The picture is taken at a carnival....the winter sun is always wonderful, throwing good shadows on ur subject.....However, while shooting portraits, the person in the picture may be ur close friend, but a viewer of the photograph may not know this. THE TRICK is to capture mood and emotions that make a universal appeal. What is in the photograph makes it universal, is the glow of the face with a soft smile and the viewer is compelled to give his attention to the picture...........
-----FURTHER to give face a longer look, I used the long shadow on his face, which is more evident below his nose. Besides, from his sitting straight, I moved myself slightly and asked him to look into the camera, thus he turned his face to his right, putting more balance on his face in comparison to his dress, which is evident from his tie, that is not in line of the face as normally we look towards a face. Besides, to show a carnival look, there are people moving behind, somebody is sitting in the chair visible at right......In normal course, we will say, these things distract from the face. But many a time u cannot go stereotyped and taking risk of making the picture successful thru his/her plain background.
--We generally encounter two types of portraits.....Portraits taken in studio or generally with plain background....The next will include the local surroundings, consisting of many thing as u face at that time. It helps to know ur subject really well, thus the actual personality is taken out in a portrait.
---Such types of portraits are best taken in winter, when the sun is low even during noon time...The picture above is taken at 3pm and the sun is well casting shadow at nearly 45degree. The best angle mostly used in studios. Here I cud add a small thing a reflector of white newspaper, hanky etc.....but as I have to say...these things can be balanced in studios.....but are rather difficult where public movement is there and nobody knows, somebody may jump on u, while  u are shooting.

----It is generally ISO400 I use....Thus the shutter speed used was 1/200 and aperture f16. Light's intensity was low as it was December in winter.

----Sorry, I write straight and do not have time to edit, pl do not mind language, as it may go sometimes not of editorial language.

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