Monday, April 3, 2017

PORTRAITING....most tender and powerful subject.(post no.210) (post no..

Human portrait is the easiest subjects.....they are all around u.....exploit every opportunity to grab some impressional shots to record/albums to show friends and getting published in newspapers/magazines......

2. WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT IN PORTRAITS, JUST CHECK,  i.e. EXPRESSIONS, EMOTIONS, Body language, moods, sensuality, and moments......They are best taken indoors and outdoors....Every photographer has his own choice....u may be different from me.

3. THE FIRST THING TO REMEMBER WHILE TAKING portraits outdoor is to use  the background to the best advantage......The important thing to remember that the subject does not remain as a secondary unit......Keeping the subject at right position will pay dividends.....A large aperture will control the depth-of-field and help throw the background out of focus. A small aperture will produce a greater d-o-f. than a large one and therefore have background details which would distract the audience.

4. I GENERALLY  keep my aperture fixed at f5,6, a good middle aperture keeping u satisfied in all conditions except the dark ones. However, it still needs to be used judiciously as per the subject, controlling depth of field.................You see in the above available light photograph at f5.6 controlling the d-o-f, between me and the guy with good night light is at its best......lacking right sid lighting would have killed the portraiture effect. His attention is at right angle with sober mood and side powerful lighting segregating his face from bg.....The background was out of focus, which I deliberately zoomed lightly to put more further attention on him. He was unaware when I took the pic. His red T-shirt is another attention holding object and move the eyes fully on him....The picture was taken at night supported by available light, general and spots....This is almost near to street photography.

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