Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Vising Charnival is a joy and relief from the rush and noises of long car Qs, the dust, foul smell outside......This We felt when we entered the big ground full of children riding horses, camels, and various items with baloons to swings, riding on plastic horses....I felt I came to a wonderland
where there are lot of eatables in different stalls......just mouthwatering.....the teacher were bust in looking afters the arrangements going on smoothly.
What Madam, the items are finished....the people had to obey their tinytots. for Idli, dosa,samosas,chats etc. Patents,as I observed were carefree too to fulfil the demands of children.
There were elders too, came on the wishes of their grand children, and do u imagine the happiness of the good old person. I think cannot be expressed in words.......good luck...more to come

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