Sunday, November 12, 2017


Modelling------the thought comes in the mind when with camera having the subject in front and ur mind is at fix------relax there will be way out with great poses with your model, because, it is light which makes or mars the shaping of a good photograph with a beautiful girl in thought of lighting, which is of various kinds, have you ever thought of posing the same girl, which will make u a great photographer.

POSing is having or making different gestures, with judicious use of your equipments------your camera, lighting, background and the gestures, perspective (part of gestures) you expect from your model or think urself the outcome of a photograph, keeping distance from your camera to the model, she/he should be competent enough to follow directions of what you want to see in the ultimate image------the rights and wrong of posing techniques.

STatic posing can be avoided in good flexible body of the u can see in the above pose and think of how your eyes go on her waist, which turns the body to back in a decent manner plus her crossed hand makes the picture a beautiful 'model' picture....add to this the silent expression takes to your mind a different thinking ........there is slight tilting of the neck, another feather in the cap. ----Looking straight into the eyes with a turned shoulder and putting impression of tilting face slightly up putting weight on the spine has a good idea to have life in a model.----The background has been selected plain with a semi-dark cloth to take out the model away from the background, having full emphasis on her figure.

THe above eample is more akin to having avoid static poses........................The humab body is a fine example of symmetry, but it can get monotonous, if used unimaginatively.....Fo example, as I stated above the body looks best when it is at an angle with respect to the camera..

A pose can look stiff and boring if the shoulders are absolutely horizontal or if the hands are placed  at the same level of the body. Instead keep one shoulder slightly above the other. Do not stick the arms to the sides of the body. Also, body weight must be on one leg while the other leg should be used to enhance the overall figure/posing........Use hairlighting to show the model's distance from the background also separation of the model in a decent fashion.1
**True photography's success is in handling a camera, as u show your love to your other equipments**.

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