Sunday, December 17, 2017


Once, I was visiting a holy place, as moving from place to place is in the abit of a photographer.....His camera always need to devour new things. Photographer too is in need of various kind of photographs to preserve his skill and present to people always different kind of work......Visual medium has a great place in the life of a creative not take stress.....feel relaxed and be in search of new subjects.....New subjects are the bread and butter of every photographer, if taken creatively, otherwise, a Professional has to win bread and butter through his great gear.

I have seen good time of photography...there were cool persons, taking their profession in equality with their other counterparts, very gently..There was no competition as is today.There is gang of photographers from both parties....some look as to frighten children.with their modern looking and some with dark skins to threaten other people. No doubt, money value is higher today. You can ask a good amount  for your streneous work. People pay, since there is competition in the field. Good cameras, good powerful flashguns, indoor-outdoor umbrellas to smoothen the light.......

However at our times, we used powerful flashguns and the stage was well lighted from all sides so our result was as good as of today's lighting system. It only fetches money and photographer thinks him in third world. with higher stands, cranes and now recently developed drone cameras, covering from above and bears a good entertainment too. The cameras are of high quality. Ours were even better - but I do no competition.

Here is above the ''shraddhanjali'' photo taken near Narmada river.....The people ''leave'' earthen lights to pay homage to the departed souls, and fold hands as mark of respect............GO OUT ANYWHERE, HAVE YOUR CAMERA WITH YOU.....SHOOT what you see and later edit on photoshop on your computer as necessary......check the composition here and it will help u to learn the camera angle too.

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  1. A GOOD PHOTO CAPTURED TIED WITH THE DIVINITY OF THINKING....A part of people's life with a religious thinking.