Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Preparing for Photo Competition.......(post no.101).

While submitting a photograph for competition, you may be in the thinking of telling the judges/experts that this is my best work and I can do no better.....haha...Is it true?....No it is not if you seriously believe that it can be further improved....You belie yourself if u say that u cannot improve...Improvement skills are there in your mind, thinking in the direction to make picture much better.

2) In case ur picture is critiqued, try to remake, crop, tint or redo into the style the judge/expert has recommended....Imp: AFTER you have done over the comparing  both photographs, previous one and another made on the lines/guidance suggested by the judge/expert, to understand that you hv a learning experience.If you are confident, then the competitions are for you....However, even during the year, if there is no competition and you make pictures regularly, there is no wait for judging in the competition. Are there no people/experts in you club,vicinity whom you respect for their knowledge and ability? Have advantage of their wisdom. YOU will be surprised, how easily and happily  they agree to offer you help and guidance and eagerly share their skills....That is the battle half won...........to continue.

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