Monday, December 10, 2012

Preparing for Photo Competitions--4 (post no.103)

PICTORIAL TOUCH:...This is ur artistic capability in regard to having a good use of balance, colour, composition,cropping and creative use of space. The photo should  have a good use of contrast i.e. neither the effect shd be dull nor the highlights washed out.....In normal terms a correct tonal range, showing details in the highlights and shadow areas, so the judges have the option to give ur pic full marks....There are normally 3 judges so if 2 agree on a print, it is selected for further comparison with more effective photographs. Therefore,keeping in mind the above, your print shd not lag behind.

In the above picture, I used cropping...Since she is a prominent danseuse, she is kept in centre, surrounded by other fellow dancers (u can see around her)....Her pose is diagonal -most important to depict the sense of dynamism-her important dress and the whites of other dancers have the folding details.....that tell the story that they are the part of a troupe and in action....that is the balance. Her eyes not looking into the camera but where her concentration shd be, i.e. immediately to get up for another steps...The colour of her face shows the originality of the make up plus the well saturated colours of her dress, so the viewers' eyer stay there.Important also are ''LEADING LINES'' (AN IMPORTANT PART OF A COMPOSITION)....The hand(of another dancer above), the lyrical designs of other dancers' dresses all account to her. Even if u move to right to another of her colleagues's hand, u will hv to come back to her forceful continue

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