Monday, December 3, 2012

Preparing for Photo Competitions.(post no.100).

Photo competitions are good platform showcasing your art in public....There may be excitement of getting recognition, awards, or to be declared a 'winner'.....Yes, it is there. But still, before taking part in a competition, which is arranged by your local club or outside it should be primarily the purpose to see if your photography is improving and what the judges think about the efforts u made to improve the photograph and observe and learn from the comments they give on your photograph (this is generally for beginners to know from judges the shortcomings, if the competition is held locally or near ur town)...A competition is primarily a learning experience. Yes, the acceptances, awards will certainly increase your popularity amongst the art lovers and the public, which will make you a known figure through newspapers, magazines.

2) Good photography is not difficult but certainly the 'great' photography will need a lot of more efforts, which may compel you to think whether you are really desirous to work at it and learn how to take better pictures....If ur answer is 'yes', then there is no better time to start studying, learning how to take a better picture than from now continue

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