Thursday, December 6, 2012

Preparing for Photo Competitions--3..(post no.102).

To go further for preparation for photo competitions.....There are simple rules to guide you to be a better photographer to be able to make your name in photo competitions...thus winning the hearts of judges, the audience, the newspapers, magazines and to obtain photographic degrees/diplomas in exams. There are hundreds of schools, colleges having photography as a full time course.

Just come along to look for things in your photographic entries:::. IMPACT: Your photograph has a main subject with other elements. When the audience view it, they shd stop and say 'vah', but make every effort to give full attention to the main subject avoiding the less important or distracting objects. However, ultimately, they shd have the full picture in mind with good composition...that is ur success.

As in the above photograph, there is impact of boats, creativity of making a triangle, the main centre of interest-- the boatman approaching the halting boats, supporting boats lying vacant, the reflection in water to say 'vah', dull evening light to make mood for boating, leading lines of small ripples take attention to the human element, whole perspective as an artist painted the view etc.

CREATIVITY: Your picture shd make the viewer think how u achieved your photographic image, if he is a photographer, he will think of focal length, the shutter speed and aperture u used, with ISO rating according to ur choice and lightings conditions. continue

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