Tuesday, February 14, 2012

FORCED FLASH feature in Dcams.

Do u photograph on street....I mean in sunlight....The sunlight photographs are good in the morning, evening, by sidelight, and even against light. But the portraits at noon are difficult to establish full details on the face....as happens here....I know many of u are not professional artists or do know of many techniques while photographing at noon. I feel sorry I had no on camera flash and the film camera I used had no built in flash....The most important of the subject, the eye-sockets have gone dark Therefore the subject lacks the natural look of a good portraiture...NOW with D-Cameras the difficulty has been reduced to nil since all D-cams can use the feature 'FORCED FLASH' even in sunlight....The simple thing is that u have to remember to use the feature----because while photographing in overhead sunlight----u have not to see, what  you see, but u HAVE TO FEEL what camera sees.......TRY it and you will thank me!

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