Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wide Angle Lens--most effective in getting closer & getting unusual effects.

Would u like to look at your car as a giant machine.....not closure look, use the wide angle lens of your camera, in case of Bridge or compacts the widest focal length the mfgr has provided...may be 24mm,28mm....there r super wides u can view the effect on LCD screen for maximum effect.....

THE WIDE ANGLES LENSES have a larger field of view and a very short focal length---thus covering more of the areas....They have greater DOF helping to get sharper picture till last end...THEY R greatly useful for taking pix at narrow places besides creating unusual effects, As I have done in the picture with 24mm lens.....Does it not feel more amazing than the shot with a normal lens or zoom in mid range...

In older language, the process is called foreshortening of an image....Just go close in other things, in portaits and get unusual and sometimes entertaining of wides!

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