Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Harsh Winter This Year-A Portrait.

It was a difficult winter this time......To close yourself in a room with heater may be  different....But people with hot bodies go through it easily.....However for children u have to be more in the picture, viewing TV was a difficult task....Such instances are galore in every home....why not catch the live in HD video or in stills to make a memorable photo with good colours of homewalls.....just see it as a colourful winter caged photo and enjoy the thrill.....Shot with Nikon DSLR-kit lens on aperture priority mode holding the camera on the table....See the blurred foreground immediately leads eyes to the guy.....The right hand is a stopper while left hand is a supportive one to the face......Colour clarification--the purple at the left is catchy, but the purplish red of the shawl is stronger to fix ur attention in the centre, the blue at right too becomes weak and fetches eyes back. The orange leopard design wool cloth is too a secondary but still contending with the red above.The light creamy at back centre becomes a standstill colour.....This is my opinion...Others may differ.

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