Tuesday, February 28, 2012

See around you even close on the walls and don't neglect....?

Do you ever see around on the walls....not so far, please make it a habit....There are good subjects for macro photography....I am not talking costly macro photography, where you need an independent macro lens costing thousands or you have a lens reversal ring or a set of extension tubes to go more close to the subject.....as you see here the picture has its own objective force, and since the fly was of 5mm long, you may be enamoured to shoot it.with your compact or a prosumer camera having facility of closeups upto 1 cm to 3 cm or a DSLR kit lens with 5 inch away from the object....Yea, I used 3 cm facility and opened the inbuilt flash as there was very dim light needing a tripod and a good eyesight,with longer exposure, and how many takes.......hahaha....not a joke---catch it anyhow even to amuse yourself....yes use the minimum of ISO in order to crop the insect, where necessary......Exposure mode -Programmed.

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