Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Photoshop tools.....Photography an Art.

Do  you like your photo not to lose its beauty? Yes many times it happens that we delete our out of focus or slightly blurred photographs...There are many tools in photoshop to give them different look, because once you shoot the picture and the image deleted, the moment will not return again....sorry, as it happens with everybody and even me....The flower above is from an artificial category...therefore to expect from the picture to give a natural look is as impossible as trying to blow out a whistle from closed lips.....I thought it better to crystalize the gem and you cannot recognize the difference from a natural or an artificial flower....the colours are spread out beautifully and a star is born...hahaha....there is lot to say!!!....yea u will see more pictures gone through the photoshop procedures....TAKE PHOTOGRAPHY AS AN ART.

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