Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Depth Of Field---how to feel and obtain?

The flowers are galore but all are not sharp....In photography language, it is a matter of DEPTH OF FIELD.....In other words, DOF is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a photo/scene, that happens acceptably sharp in an image...
2) The DOF is affected by the camera-to-subject distance, lens focal length, f /no.on the lens.
3) Small DOF is called 'Shallow focus' and large DOF as' Deep focus.'.
4) The photo I selected here is to show the DOF at almost maximum f/no  and here it is f4 on a 70-300 lens and distance from lens to subject is 10 ft.....You will find the middle of the flowers (importantly one with bud) is in focus and the nearest and farthest are out of focus....Had I gone back by 5ft more, a little bit DOF more cud be achieved....This is a shot but experiment, but when u photograph such situation with 70-300, u can keep your lens aperture at f8 or f11 to get sharper flowers to get more DOF...Next as the front is most important and comes before the eye first....Focus on the front flowers..if it is sharp and bg somewhat out of focus, it will support the eye view front first and diffused flowers will act as a wall behind.

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